Congress Club

The Congress Club will operate every evening throughout the Congress in the historic setting of Glasgow University Union. The GUU was founded in 1885 to provide an independent social space for students and has been a lively part of University life ever since. In 1899 it was the scene of Scotland’s last ever duel when swords were drawn and blood was spilled over the election battle for the University Rectorship. It sparked constitutional chaos in 1952 when a group of nationalist students brought back the Stone of Destiny (the stone which sits at the base of the coronation chair during the coronation of a British Monarch) from Westminster Abbey. Union members threw out several stone-shaped objects in an attempt to deceive the police.

The GUU is particularly known for its debates, indeed it is the most successful university debating institution in the world, having won the World Universities Debating Championships a record 5 times and the International Mace a record eighteen times.

The Congress Club provides a place to meet up with and socialize with fellow delegates on campus in a relaxed setting. Our ‘house band’ will be on hand to entertain, with a little help from some special guests. We look forward to welcoming you! Bidh fàilte is furan ribh!

Congress Club: Open daily

Sunday:     1900 – 2400
Mon-Thurs: 2000 – 2400
Friday:       2000 – 0100