Saints, Stones and Strongholds of the Northern Britons

This tour, which will be led by Prof Thomas Clancy, will explore medieval Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Dumbarton, with visits to:

  • Glasgow Cathedral, the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to have survived the Protestant Reformation of 1560 virtually intact. Its 13th-century crypt houses the tomb of Glasgow’s patron saint, Kentigern, known to his friends as Mungo. 
  • Paisley Abbey, a former Cluniac monastery founded in the twelfth century by the Stewarts (from Brittany via Shropshire) and dedicated to St Mirren and St Milburga, now home to the fine early medieval Kilbarchan Cross.
  • The fine recumbent burial monuments (10th-11thcentury) at Inchinnan near Glasgow Airport
  • Dumbarton Castle (Al Clut), capital of a British kingdom and one of the key strongholds of medieval Scotland, situated on its dramatic volcanic rock overlooking the inner Firth of Clyde. 
  • Old Kilpatrick, western terminus of the Roman wall, with its early traditions of the birth and childhood of St Patrick, fragment of an early medieval cross-shaft and a West Highland sepulchral slab

Arrive back in Glasgow (University Avenue) approx. 17.30.

Cost £40 (includes morning coffee/tea and lunch)

Access: Sturdy footwear required. The upper part of the Dumbarton Castle site is accessed by a moderately strenuous climb up a lengthy flight of stone steps (worth it for the amazing view!).

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